How to prepare for your new garage door installation

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Preparing For Your New Garage Door Installation

You have finally received your new garage door! It is now time to get it installed so that you can use it and reap all it has to give.

You must make sure your home is ready to receive the installation. You and your family must be ready for the installation. Garage doors are not an easy mechanism. What are the steps?

These are the steps to take in preparation for your garage door installation

Step 1 – Get your vehicles out of the way

Moving your vehicles out of your garage should be your first priority. If any of your vehicles are still in their garage, you will need to move them.

They can be moved to the street or onto your driveway if they are not too far away. This will allow garage door installers to park their vehicles near your garage opening.

This will give the installation crew a lot more space. The installation crew will have easy access to the area around their truck. Your car will also be safe.

Step 2 – Clean Out Your Garage

Not only do you not need to move your vehicle out of your way, but you must also clear your garage. You can move equipment, tools, and other items to the side or out of the garage.

The garage’s front half should be empty. This will give the installers ample space and ensure that your belongings are not damaged.

Step 3 – Remove your children and pets from the work area

Garage doors are not an easy mechanism, as we have already mentioned. Heavy equipment is required to install a garage door or remove or repair an existing one. Some of the heavy equipment can be dangerous, it is obvious.

It is important to ensure that your pets and children are safes away from the garage. While installing your new garage door, the installation crew should not be allowed in your garage.

Step 4 – Always be aware of the updated safety policies

Covid-19 has updated its safety policies. Your garage door installers have probably updated their safety policies in order to meet current health conditions.

It is important to be familiar with the updated policy. Before they arrive, you should also inform the installers of any health restrictions or concerns.

Step #5: Prepare questions for the Installers

You should prepare questions for the installers before they arrive at your house. You can ask them questions about safety inspections, warranties, and proper maintenance. These questions should be asked before they leave your house.

These tips will help you prepare for your garage door installation. Contact us at Garage Door Repair Indianapolis to learn more

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